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Asked Questions

1. What does a 'full-service studio studio' mean?

Jennifer guides you through the entire portrait experience by using the following process:


  1. Phone call or in person/in studio chat

  2. Scheduling the session & choosing location(s)

  3. Portrait Session Time!

  4. Invitation to the studio to view your images.*You are welcome to view your images in an online gallery. It is preferred for clients to stop by the studio to view images. This allows us to better serve you. 

  5. We only use professional printers and guarantee the quality of their work and ours. Your images have been specifically calibrated from our equipment to their systems in order to provide the best color, clarity and crispness for your artwork. You are under no obligation to purchase prints through us.

  6. If you chose to print through a substandard printer such as Walmart, Costco, Shutterfly, etc., we are not responsible for printing quality, print longevity, damage or shipping concerns.

  7. Should you decide to order from our studio, we are fully responsible for the quality of your prints and art that we create and order for you. We take pride in delivering your precious memories in person as possible and make sure that you receive your items without delay and in perfect condition. 


2. Do you offer professional hairstyling? 

Yes, we have access to two professional stylists local to Turtle Lake. There is an additional $20 charge for this service. We will coordinate and schedule for you. 

3. I have no idea what to wear, will you help?

Absolutely! We will go over wardrobe information fully when we have our initial chat.

4. Do you sell digital files?

Yes, we sure do. 

5. Artwork, what do you mean by that? 

Your portraits are carefully digitally edited with special color, clarity, gradient, and texture. In addition, we can smooth skin, do very simple nips and tucks, clear up acne, and tame stray fly away hairs. After we are done, your portraits are unique, they are digital pieces of art, and we are proud of them!

6. I would like to order some prints and maybe something for my wall, where should I begin? 

We would LOVE to visit your home space and chat with you about your design and decoration needs. We are experienced in utilizing sizes and shapes to maximize the visual impact that your artwork should have in your home. We also can literally show you what a specific piece of art will look like on your wall BEFORE you order it. Just ask!

7. What do you charge? 

For 10 images, and 30 minutes, the fee is $175. 

For 20 images, and 45 minutes, the fee is $245

For 40 images, and 1+ hours, the fee is $445

These rates are very basic and can vary due to your needs (distance, time, extended family). There is a charge for mileage if over 50 miles round trip from 54889 of .50 cents per mile.

Our commercial pricing is based per project. If you are interested in a commercial session, please contact us.

8. Do you sell prints and canvases?

Yes, we sure do. Those pricing templates will be shared with you at your initial in-person or phone consult. Print pricing starts at $10. 

9. Can I have an combination session?

Yes, sessions can be scheduled at the studio, with some images being taken inside or outside the studio, weather permitting.


10. What if I have other family members to be included in the session?

We want your photography experience to be casual and easy. For extended family sessions, your images may be uploaded to an online gallery that will allow your family from near and far to purchase and download the high resolution images along with a print release. The gallery will allow you to purchase prints. We highly recommend ordering prints and artwork from our professional lab. We are not responsible for prints or artwork that are printed from subpar printers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Shutterfly, that are known to reduce the images' quality. In addition, we are not responsible for the quality of your images if they are uploaded and then printed from a mobile device as this will also reduce quality.

Guaranteed product quality with all orders purchased from our studio


Thank you for trusting us to create wonderful memories for you!


                                                   Jennifer, Andrew, Morgan, Daniel & Anna