Something Old

I loved to draw when I was a kid.

I could never seem to get the lines to look how I wanted them too. I always had trouble with the chest and front legs of the horses I drew. It made me a bit crazy.

When life got busy, I turned to education and learning, and having babies. I never stopped dreaming or yearning to make something beautiful. The Art was always inside.

And so I met Photography. Photography helped me to recreate the beauty I saw. And the BEST part, I could get in my car and drive - taking a break from life.

I still love to learn though, this image was photographed using an HDR technique, or High Dynamic Range. I took three different photos with three different exposures and used a really cool program to blend them together. Not all cameras have the ability to take simultaneous exposures. The hardest part is setting up a tripod or having a very steady hand as the camera needs to be totally still when shutter clicks. The darker the scene, the steadier you'll need to be.

Landscape photography was my first love. Simple. Cheap. ;-) And just me, myself and my camera.

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Jennifer Raddatz has been a artistic creator since 1983 and opened her photography studio in 2013.

Jennifer's portraits have a clean, colorful and rustic elegancee.  Portraits of families, high school seniors, and commercial and corporate work are her specialties. Jennifer also creates equestrian portraits under the site

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